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Free Resources

We are pleased to provide free resources to our listeners, especially in Pakistan. We post them the free materials as they request on web, phone, SMS or email. If you need a book, Urdu Bible, DVD, do not hesitate to write us P.O Box No 70, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

During the show press 0 anytime and after the beep record your message, feedback, comment or free material request (do not forget your postal address to record) and then press # to send us.

If you want to study online Urdu Bible then visit urdubible.aim4faith.org , You can study, download or copy the verses of Bible. It is all yours!

If you want to listen Bible in other languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, English etc then visit bible.aim4faith.org


Here are the available free resources for you, your family and friends:-


Bibles for All


The 666 Surveillance System




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